Michael Hamm & Associates

Michael Hamm & Associates

Serving Associations, Certification and Accreditation


Michael Hamm & Associates has experience in every aspect of planning, creating, maintaining, and improving credentialing programs.

Here is an overview of our services for clients:

Developing new services and organizations:

  • Conducting feasibility studies for new credentialing services and organizations
  • Developing new certification and accreditation organizations
  • Providing strategic planning and development
  • Conducting market research and developing marketing plans
  • Creating business plans

Improving current services and organizations:

  • Analyzing and evaluating certification/accreditation programs
  • Reengineering certification and accreditation programs
  • Conducting management audits and reviews
  • Assisting credentialing bodies with recognition/approval of their services
  • Conducting customer/client satisfaction surveys
  • Training and educating staff
  • Assisting with standard-setting
  • Providing board evaluations and confidential self-evaluations
  • Conducting board education and training
  • Providing a wide range of management services

Meeting the challenge of the future:

  • Developing dynamic vision and mission statements
  • Conducting focus groups to help identify needs and perceptions
  • Training credentialing bodies to respond to change and future trends

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